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 Accuracy Counts with Appraisals
Whether you have one piece or an entire fleet of Agricultural, Construction, Industrial or Transportation Equipment, JBL has the knowledge gained from over 15 years of experience in these fields.

 Accurate, Unbiased Estimates on Value
The JBL process starts with a meeting with you, discussing the purpose for your request for an appraisal. This will determine the necessary approaches of value to fit your needs.

 Detailed Equipment Evaluation Includes:
SIN Recording & Verification
U/C and Tire Inspection
Listing of Standard Equipment & Value Added Options
Appearance Evaluation
Brief Mechanical Summary
Refurbishing Recommendations
Photographic Documentation

All Delivered With Presentation Options Geared to Suit You


 Certified Value
Value can be regarded as an items "worth" or "market price" as defined in Webster's dictionary. To appraise is to "estimate the value" of an item. This is done by producing an unbiased opinion as to an items value, based upon factual evidence. Value can be determined by using some or all of the following:

Cost of Purchase Price
Fair Market Value
Reproduction Costs
Replacement Value
Asset Value

Forced Sale or Liquidation

 Factors Affecting Value
There are countless factors that may affect value. Let the experienced appraisers at JBL help you weigh these elements so you have the information to make KNOWLEDGEABLE INFORMED DECISIONS.

 National Networking
Whether it be across town or across Canada JBL has the contacts to get your appraisal done right.

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You Can Count On JBL to Provide Appraisals with Accuracy, Efficiency & Confidentiality

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